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☆ Perfume to perform at National Olympic Stadium for 2020 lead-up ☆
It has been announced that Perfume will be performing at Japan’s National Stadium as part of a 2 day live event to start leading up to the 2020 Japan Summer Olympics, 56 years after the stadium was opened, as well as a “SAYONARA” to the venue (the current National Stadium) that is being demolished in 2015 to make way for the 2020 stadium. The stadium has a record capacity of 80,000 for L’Arc-en-Ciel in March 2014.
The event, titled “SAYONARA 国立競技場 FINAL WEEK JAPAN NIGHT”, is being held across the 28th and 29th of May with the first day being “Yell for Japan” featuring artists such as Ikimonogakari, Yuzu and Kishitani Kaori. The second day is titled “Japan to the World”, which is the day Perfume are performing. This day is said to be for artists with global presence and also includes SEKAI NO OWARI, MAN WITH A MISSION and L’Arc-en-Ciel.
There is no news yet as to if it will be broadcast but the chances of it being broadcast are high
Tickets will be available here from 4/18 at 12:00(JST) until the 4/22 at 23:00(JST)
More info (in Japanese) can be found on, the event website and Perfume’s website

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